Monday, October 20, 2014

Taqueria Playa Tropical

  I've been seeing pictures of this place on Instagram, so I've been dying to make a visit! Instagram does that to you haha!! Scrolling through my insta feed is half torturous, because you're seeing all the delicious food people are eating...and you can't have any LOL!! Does anybody else feel the same way? ;)

  On saturday I made the trip out to Taqueria Playa Tropical in New Westminster!! Wow, it's been SO long since I've been in the area (Sixth street!) Growing up I use to go to New West every week because my grandparents lived there! I even made a visit to my old stomping ground Royal City Centre LOL and that place hasn't changed one bit! Going back was definitely nostalgic!

    Taqueria Playa Tropical is famous in New West for authentic, homestyle Mexican food, made with fresh ingredients! They're especially well known for their tacos, their monster burrito (which is HUGE!) and their enchiladas!

SERVICE 4.5/5 stars
   Service was great! I was served by two young girls, and they were both super polite and friendly! They came around to ask me how I was enjoying my food, twice, and if everything was okay! When I stopped drinking my horchata she looked concerned and asked me "You don't like it?" And when I left, silly me forgot my jacket! The waitress rushed out to find me and handed me my jacket, which was really nice of her!

  The restaurant itself is actually quite large and spacious, separated into two rooms by a wall. None of the tables are close to each other which makes eating much more pleasant haha! There's nothing worse then being cramped in a tiny space and awkwardly having your back against someone else's chair LOL!

PRICE - $/$$/$$$
 This place is definitely one of the cheaper Mexican restaurants in the city! Relatively affordable with tacos priced at $2.50, Burritos for $8, Tortas for $7, and house platters starting at $11!

VALUE - Poor/Okay/Good/Great
    You can tell they use wholesome, fresh ingredients because everything I had tasted super fresh! The portion sizes are on the smaller side though, but I'm willing to sacrifice quantity for quality!
Complimentary chips to start!! 
3/5 stars
   They were generous with the portion size, but if you want a refill, it's an extra $1! The chips were nice and crunchy, and seasoned with salt. One thing that I didn't like was that some of the chips didn't have any flavour, while other pieces were overly salty. 
Horchata $2.50
3/5 stars
  You can't have tacos without a big cold glass of horchata can you? The rice flavour was definitely stronger than other versions I've had. It wasn't too sweet but I found the cinnamon flavour to be a bit weak.
Pescado - Fish Taco $2.50
3.5/5 stars
  This was the best out of the bunch! The fish was really soft and well flavoured! The cheese was completely melted and really brought the flavours together! The taco shell was soft without being overly flimsy, and held the contents of the taco without sagging! These tacos are actually pretty tiny LOL, you can probably finish them in 2 bites!
Camaron $2.50
2/5 stars
  This was similar to the fish taco, but it was a wee bit spicier, and had less cheese on it! The shrimp was juicy and exhibited a nice snap when I bit into it!
Barbacoa and the Pastor
Barbacoa 2/5 stars
Pastor 3/5 stars
  The al pastor had a nice, smokey flavour from being marinated and had just the right hit of spices. The pork was moist, stringy, and a bit wet in texture.The barbacoa was subtly spicy, and garnished with a generous amount of onions and cilantro, which added a bunch of flavour. The meat was tender and there was plenty of it.
2.5/5 stars
  The guacamole on this was the perfect consistency: not too thick, but not overly slimy either. It was nice and tangy, but didn't overwhelm the flavours of the meat.  The meat was tender, and had a generous amount of seasoning to it.
They also give you salsa and some sauces on the side for your chips but I didn't try any LOL!

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Crepe Des Amis - New Westminster

  Yesterday I was lurking around New Westminster after eating at Taqueria Playa Tropical hehe...and before heading home I decided to make a visit to the Quay! Woww, this place has changed SO much! Now it's pretty much been gentrified/hipsterfied LOL!! I remember coming here 6 years ago and I don't remember it being like this (or maybe I just wasn't that *aware* back then LOL...I was just an ignorantly delusional highschool kid afterall!)

  I checked out the "food court", okay it's not really a food court, it's a bunch of restaurants in an open area lol...and it's freaking awesome!! Think Granville Island Market, but smaller! I think I've found my new go to place guys! I'll definitely be frequenting this place over the next few weeks, which means I'll have reviews for you all to read! :D

  Everything looked so good but since I was still pretty full from lunch, I wanted something light, and sweet haha. No, I didn't end up with dessert haha! I ended up with something savoury, so I technically had a *second* lunch LOL!  

 They even have a health food store similar to Whole Foods there too! Now I don't have to go all the way to the West End for health food!! I also bought some yummy organic hot chocolate there lol! When I got home I was so excited (I haven't had hot chocolate in a year lol) and I made some right away in the microwave with almond milk (professional I know) and it was delishh! :D

    Crepe Des Amis specializes in French style savoury and sweet crepes! They're run by a french husband and wife team! Their two most popular flavours are their Mediterranean and Quebec (maple syrup, ham, and cheese) flavours!

SERVICE 1.5/5 stars
   There's only one person taking orders, running the store, and making orders! When I was scanning through the menu, the lady just stared at me blankly. I was a little indecisive, she assured me to take my time, but I could tell she was impatient LOL because it totally showed in her face haha! When I was ordering a couple of other people also came up to order, and she was ALOT friendlier towards them haha! She was laughing and smiling with the other customers but when it was my turn she turned cold again :( Guess she just didn't like me? haha

  This place operates like a food court, they only have 2 bar seats so if you want to sit down, you have to go over to the communal seating area in the food court! It would be nice if they added more bar stools since their counter is pretty long haha cause I like sitting on high chairs LOL!

PRICE - $/$$/$$$
   The cheapest crepe is around $5, with the savoury crepes starting at $6! Kinda pricey for what it is, it's basically just a wheat crepe wrapped with ingredients LOL. Not really worth the money but it's still really fun and novel! Not really filling enough for a meal lol, so you'll probably be hungry afterwards!

VALUE - Poor/Okay/Good/Great
    This place is around the same price as other crepes place in the city. Value wise, it isn't that great. Not really sure if I can really justify spending $7.25 on a crepe since I can probably get a meal for the same price. But I do have to commend them for using fresh ingredients though, it really shows!

The Mediterranean $7.25
3/5 stars
  Even though I was craving something sweet I decided to get their mediterranean crepe because it's their most popular flavour lol! The mediterranean consists of roasted chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, cheese and mediterranean dressing!
 The crepe itself was really well made: soft, and paper thin! The outside was perfectly toasted and not soggy at all! The crepe came out warm with the cheese completely melted. There was a substantial amount of ingredients and everything tasted really fresh. The chicken was really lean but still moist nonetheless! Flavour wise, it was a bit lacking. There was sauce on the crepe, but not in the filling, so half of the crepe was completely bland. The sauce was really good though, I wish she would've put more! On the up side...I did feel really healthy eating this LOL!!
They have sweet crepes too! :D (Click to Enlarge)
Here's a look at their savoury crepes!

OMG...they even have floats!! Vegan floats!! :O

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pho Tam

  It was raining so hard know what that means right?!! To me "rain" translates into 3 things: PHO, RAMEN & HOTPOTS!!! Since I wasn't near any ramen or hotpot places, my only options were pho haha. With the abundance of pho restaurants in Van, I could've gone to any ol neighbourhood pho place, but since I had some extra time yesterday, I decided to hop on the skytrain to Surrey Central to visit the legendary PHO TAM in Walley! Word around town is that Pho Tam has the BEST pho in the GVR!! Not going to lie, I was pretty stoked. My expectations were high. Good thing I was starvingg because the portion sizes here are huge! If you're wondering, I did manage to finish all my food (without difficulty) LOL!

  Oh, and this place is conveniently located right across from the Surrey Central Station in a little plaza beside New Town Bakery!

    Pho Tam is known for their pho...more specifically for their broth!! The broth is the most important aspect of pho (other than the noodles) after all! Pho Tam's broth isn't your typical msg livened up broth, it's beefy, meaty, and oh so fragrant. I also saw a ton of people ordering their bun bo hue and their lemongrass chicken!

SERVICE 3/5 stars
   Service is really quick here. Quicker than a food court. Everything is premade, so they just scoop out your order so you literally get your food in under 2 mins flat. The spring rolls usually come first, followed by your sprouts, and then your pho. The girl who took my order was polite, but she didn't smile or thank me when I paid. They don't bring you your bill so you have to go up to the counter to pay (which is literally a box shaped hole in the wall LOL!) Get it? ;)

  This place is definitely hole in the wall worthy. It's dingy, grimy, and pretty ghetto looking LOL, borderline sketchy. The restaurant is actually quite large, with communal seating for about 50 or so people. The place gets quite packed during lunch, so if you arrive around 12 chances are you're going to have to share a table or wait in line. The clientele here are mainly neighbourhood folks, SFU students, business people, the retired crowd, people from all walks of life.

PRICE - $/$$/$$$
   Pho Tam is priced in line with most of the Pho restaurants in Vancouver, with a small Pho being $8, and a large only 50 cents more! A large combo + spring roll can be had for as little as $9.50! Other rice dishes like lemongrass chicken or shredded pork are priced reasonably from $8.50 - $10.

VALUE - Poor/Okay/Good/Great
   In comparison to other pho joins in Van, Pho Tam is great value! The portion sizes are about 15% larger than other places, and you get alot more meat! Get the large, you get so much more food LOL! If you can't finish it just take it home haha, it'll probably last you two meals! 

Spring Roll
4/5 stars
  I didn't really have high expectations for the spring rolls, I've never really been particularly impressed by any of the spring rolls I've tried at pho restaurants. But this was an exception! If I wasn't so full already I probably would have ordered more haha!
  First off, this thing was huge. Larger than your typical spring roll. It was packed to the brim with meat! The shell was crispy and exhibited a nice crunch when I bit into it. The meat filling was moist, and jammed packed with flavour. I didn't even add any fish sauce lol! It was already really well seasoned on its own!
Pho Dac Biet + Spring Roll $9.50 Combo
4/5 stars
  At pho places I've never been to I usually get their pho dac biet! It's usually a reliable testament to how good their pho is. The broth was great! Not "excellent" but certainly better than most places in Van! It was robust, beefy, with lots of depth, without being overly salty. MSG usage was definitely at a minimum. There was so much noodles in this haha! The noodles were great as well, al dente, with bite, and connected to the broth. 
  It was also packed with a ton of meat: rare beef, beef balls, tripe, beef brisket, and beef tendon! There was so much beef brisket in this LOL! The beef brisket was semi tender and fully cooked. The rare beef had a healthy pinkish colour and the broth was hot enough to cook it. The beef balls were okay, rubbery, and a bit lacking in flavour.
  Was it the best pho in Vancouver? Erm, hard to say, given that I haven't tried every pho place there is LOL! But compared to the places I have been to, Pho Tam is definitely up there!
They don't blanch your bean sprouts here, so you have to cook it in your pho!

Every person also gets their own mini teapot LOL which I thought was adorablee! Where can I get one? ;D

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Taco Luis

  Sooo guess what happened yesterday guys?! I FAILED MY DRIVERS TEST. Yes. I failed. I KNEW I was done when the guy put down his clipboard and just continued watching me drive LOL. He actually had to take control of the steering wheel at one point when I was trying to make a right turn at an intersection, but halfway the green turn signal turned red LOL...I knowww, I'm such a fail. Wahhh, I waited 3 months for this test (I booked it in August) and I blew.It. My dad got mad at me because now we'll have to waste more money on the test fees LOL! 
  Anyways...I went to Taco Luis after my driving test at Landsdowne to cheer myself up makes everything better, right? No really, I felt better after eating LOL!!

    Taco Luis specializes in...tacos LOL! What else? They're famous around town for their yummy tacos made with fresh ingredients, at super low prices! They actually have two locations, one in Oakridge Mall, and this one, in Landsdowne!

SERVICE 1/5 stars
   Service here is...meh. Really meh. I guess business is so good that they don't bother being nice to their customers lol. When I went to order the guy looked impatient and he (jokingly) mocked me when I was going "Uhh..." LOL. The other two girls working there looked bored, and didn't smile or thank me when I paid.

  When I went back to ask for a take out box, I said "Can I have a box please?" the lady slanted her eyes and said "You mean a...container?" The way she said it and her tone of voice, just really threw me off, like she was trying to correct me, and looked really annoyed that I was asking for something extra.

  I also couldn't locate the straws because the counter was pretty cluttered, and when I asked, the girl just half pointed at the straws with a dull expression on her face.

  On the plus side, I do have to commend them for being so quick with the orders though, it only took 2 mins to get my food!

  It's a food court, nothing much else to say lol. The landsdowne foodcourt is really showing its age, the tables and neon signs look pretty dated. One thing I do like about their foodcourt is there's always seats available, so you're not stuck with a plate of food with nowhere to sit!

PRICE - $/$$/$$$
   Taco Luis is as cheap as it gets haha! A 12 inch burrito combo can be had for as little as $8, a single taco for $2-3! Talk about a deal! Taco Luis does a great job of filling you up on minimal change lol.

VALUE - Poor/Okay/Good/Great
   In comparison to the other taco joints in Van, this place is a great deal! However...authenticity definitely isn't the main draw here, Taco Luis is "Mexican fast food" and not the real deal. But you don't really expect that here anyways, and I'm okay with that lol.
Super 10 - Taquito Meal $5.85
 Tater Tots 4/5 stars
  The tater tots here are solid...really solid. I would come back just for the tator tots lol! Compared to Taco Time's (another "Mexican" food vendor) these are leagues better!! They're super crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, crunchy, and never soggy. They definitely have their frying technique down because these things have zero oil on them!
Beef Taquito
 3/5 stars
  I didn't think I was going to get full on the taquitos, but I did haha! These things were pretty long, about 20 cm each. The outer layer is thin and super crunchy, and like their tators, not oily at all! The inside is filled with a moist, subtly spicy beef filling. Yummy and really satisfying!

Something you guys may not know about me is that sprite/7up is the only kind of pop I drink LOL! I'm not a big fan of coke or pepsi haha!

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Burger Heaven

  Remember I told you guys I was craving burgers yesterday? Welll, today I made the trip out to burger heaven to sastisfy that craving tehe! Burger Heaven is located in New West, and they're known for their specialty burgers, their thick cut fries, and their mile high burger (which consists of 10 patties stacked on top of each other)! After my food came the guy beside me looked at me and said "You sure you can finish that by yourself?" LOL! Guess he was pretty impressed when I did, and he told me to take a picture of my empty plate haha!

Note: Today I'm not going to be writing my "overview" section because I'm studying for midterms LOL. But after my exams are over on Weds, everything will be back to normal! :)

Elk Burger Combo $16
3/5 stars
  I was originally going to order their basic #1 burger, but I decided against it because I thought it would be too boring LOL!! I am at a place called burger heaven after all, I might as well order something weird! So I decided to get a burger off their specialty menu, their elk burger! 
  The burger patty was moist, and really thick haha. The sauteed mushrooms packed a ton of flavour, a myraid of sweet, salty, and savoury coming together. The cheese was perfectly melted and covered the entire patty. The bacon pieces were crispy, and not too oily (albeit really salty.) Was this worth the $17 that I paid? Imo, no lol. It was good, but not $17 good lol!
Fries 3.5/5 stars 
Salad 3/5 stars
  The fries were awesome! Thick cut, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, very potatoey. I ended up dipping it in the salad dressing it came with haha! The salad dressing was delish: tangy, sweet, and garlicky! I was happy that my burger came with a side of salad haha, to balance out the meat!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thai Son Vietnamese Restaurant - Victoria Dr

  My constipation still hasn't gone away LOL! It's been 4 days!! For some odd reason I've been having an intense craving for burgers lately, but since my stomach hasn't fully recovered yet, I decided against going for greasy fast food LOL, and opted for pho instead! 

  Thai Son is a local favourite and it's usually packed during lunch hours! They have a couple locations throughout Van, the only other location I've been to is their Richmond location, which is alot larger haha.

  Note: These two days I'm not going to be writing my "overview" section because I'm studying for midterms LOL. But after my exams are over on Weds, everything will be back to normal! :)
Special Dry Pork Noodle $8.50 for large
2.5/5 stars
  I wanted to deviate from my usual order of the #1 Pho or lemongrass chicken, so I opted for something I've never tried off the menu, the special dry pork noodle! Not going to lie, I was disappointed. This was basically just soupless pho dosed with hoisin sauce. Not very impressive. I was expecting a "special" sauce lol, but I guess I was wrong! It was garnished with generous amounts of beef and ox tongue. The beef was thinly sliced but a bit too lean and dry for my liking. It also came with a heavily battered fried shrimp ball on the side. On the flip side, the noodles were al dente and there was plenty of it, so in the end, I was full.
Here's a closeup of the noodles!

Egg Yolk, Condensed Milk Sprite!
2.5/5 stars
  This combination may sound gross, but it's actually a vietnamese speciality! They have this drink at most Vietnamese restaurants but it was my first time trying it! The dominate flavour here was definitely the sprite and the condensed milk. The milk made the drink really creamy, and the sprite made it extra frothy! It was pretty sweet overall but I couldn't really taste any egg LOL.
They also serve you some blanched veggies on the side and the soup for the pho seperately!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Denny's - Pumpkin Pie Pancakes & Turkey?

  "So where do you want to go for Thanksgiving Dad?" I asked him. "Dennys!" he answered. Despite his dim sum addiction, my dad has a soft spot for classic diners like Denny's and White Spot LOL. Back when he immigrated to Vancouver 35 years ago he use to go to Denny's a lot! Since it was Thanksgiving my dad didn't want to go to a chinese restaurant because Thanksgiving isn't a chinese holiday LOL so he wanted American food!! He's only familiar with chinese restuarants, so to him Western food = White Spot, Denny's, Boston Pizza, Mcdonalds, etc....LOL.

   You guys may find this surprising, but I've NEVER been to a Denny's before. Yesterday was my first time going haha! Since my dad was in a really good mood yesterday, I took full advantage of that and decided to pull an eyes-are-bigger-than-my-stomach and order a bunch of food LOL!! No, we didn't end up finishing our food and had to pack half of it home haha! Turns out he was in SUCH a good mood he didn't even complain about the bill being $35 LOL! Usually he complains if anything is over $20 but today he didn't! :D
My dad had his mind set on having TURKEYY lol!! Either it was this or the meat iron skillet combo!
Turkey Dinner Combo $15.95
2/5 stars Turkey
2.5/5 stars Mash Potatoes
  Wow this plate was huge lol! My dad had trouble finishing it and by the end of it, he said that he was stuffed lol! I tried everything and it was half-decent. The turkey was a bit dry and not very tender. The gravy tasted like stock gravy,weak and rather watery. The mash potatoes (in the back) were standard, mushy, and very heavy on the butter. The stuffing was okay, a bit dry and lacking in overall flavour.
Pumpkin Pie Pancakes Combo $10.95
3/5 star
  I  had my mind set on ordering the pumpkin pie pancakes since it's a seasonal item! The pancakes were quite large, and we only ate half of it lol. The pancakes were decently fluffy and moist, heavy on the cinnamon with a subtle pumpkin flavour. It also came with some whipped cream on the side! It probably would have been better with some butta but I totally forgot to ask for some LOL!
Gingerbread French Toast $4.95
2/5 stars
  This was pretty pricey lol! $5 for two small pieces of mediore french toast? The french toast was a bit dry and lacking in moisture, and a bit too dense for my liking. The ginger flavour was subtle, but definitely there. It was drizzled with an artificial tasting cream cheese sauce, which made the toast really sweet lol.
Garlic Toast & Cranberry Sauce
Garlic Toast 3/5 stars
Cranberry Sauce 2/5 stars
  I was surprised at how much I liked this lol! It was well toasted, crunchy, with some charring on top! There was no absence of garlic flavour either! It also came on the same plate as the cranberry sauce for the turkey. The sauce was okay, personally I found it too gelatin like in texture, I prefer my sauces more jam-like and mushy. It wasn't too sweet though!
Grand Slam Combo
3/5 stars
  Comfort breakfast food lol. Simple, and really hard to mess up. The hashbrowns were crispy, albeit a bit lacking in flavour.I got my eggs sunnyside up and sunnyside up they were! :D Instead of bacon I opted for sausage links. They were okay, a bit oily, but juicy nonetheless.
Pumpkin Pie
2/5 stars
  My dad's turkey dinner also came with a slice of pumpkin or pecan pie! By the end we were already too full so we ended up packing this slice home! It was alright, similar to store bought pie. The pumpkin puree was mushy, and rather bland tasting. The crust was crumbly, nothing special
My dad also got a coffee because you get unlimited refills! LOL I like the saying on the cups! ;)

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Maple Castella Bakery - Richmond

  As some of you may know I didn't go out yesterday or the day before because I got food poisoning LOLOL from eating leftover I spent the entire day ALONEE at home *cries*. My mom did come and make me some belly warming beef stew yesterday which I gobbled up and she even brought me cheesecake and creme brulee from T&T haha! But then she left...and I was all alone again :( I actually can't wait for school to start on Tuesday...oh wait, no I don't, I have 2 midterms then LOL!

  So sorryy I don't have any restaurant type reviews to show you guys today! But I am going out for lunch today, so I'll be back to my regular posting schedule tomorrowww and for the rest of the week! yay! :)

  In the meantime, here's a post about Maple Castella, one of my favourite Taiwanese bakeries in Richmond!! They're located in Admiralty Centre, the small asian mall across from Bubble Queen! They're so popular that you have to pre order some of their items because they sell out so quickly! Sorry I didn't get a storefront photo :(

    Maple Castella is a Taiwanese bakery specializing in Taiwanese baked goods! Maple Castella is famous in Richmond for their super soft, fluffy, bread!! It's ALL about da bread here LOL, so don't expect to find any sort of other pastries here! They do have Maple Castella Cake though (above pic!) They only make their bread twice a week! I'm not sure how they keep it fresh for that long, do they put preservatives in their bread or what...LOL!

SERVICE 4/5 stars
   We actually know the family who owns Maple Castella, so they're always friendly towards us haha! But from what I've observed, they're the same way toward the other people in the shop!

  The store is really small, and they have racks along the walls which display the assortment of breads they have! This place always smells REALLY good hahaha (like most bakeries do!)

PRICE - $/$$/$$$
   The prices are pretty standard for a Taiwanese bakery, which most items ranging from $1.50-2.50! You can buy half of their loaves for about $7! They're actually really popular, you have to put yourself on a waiting list because they sell out fast!

VALUE - Poor/Okay/Good/Great
    One thing about Maple Castella is they're always consistent with the quality of their bread, which is great. Nothing ever tastes stale or dry!

Taro Bun
3.5/5 stars
  Y'all know I love everything and anything TAROO, so obviously I had to get this. This great, the outer layer had a soft, crusty shell, and it looked really cool too haha! The inside was filled with a soft, mushy taro paste that was lightly sweetened. 
Red Bean Bun
2.5/5 stars
  I use to hate red bean, but now I've taken a liking to it haha. The red bean paste in here was really mushy, and subtly sweet. The bread was the real winner here though! It was superbly soft, fluffy, and not dense at all!

Maple Castella Cake
3/5 stars
  My dad was gifted these by one of his student's! Even though this cake is named after their store, it's not their signature item lol! Their signature item is their famous Pumpkin Loaf Bread which I've tried in my pre blogging days, and from what I remember, it was awesome! I would probably give the pumpkin loaf 4/5 stars! I've also tried their blueberry bread which I would give 3/5 stars.

  The maple castella cake is made out of a sponge cake base, and glazed with syrup on top! This cake was great, it was super moist, soft, with just the right amount of sweetness!
Mini Buns 
2/5 stars
  My dad was actually gifted these because he's friends with the owner! I thought they had a filling in them but turns out these were just plain bread buns lol. These ones weren't as fluffy and soft as their other breads, but that may be due to the fact that it's been sitting there too long haha.

Here are some other baked goods we picked us this week! 
 Chicken Bun from Crystal Mall (Pine House Bakery)
1/5 stars
  My dad also brought some items home from Crystal Mall this week! This is from Pine House Bakery, located near the produce section in Crystal Mall! Compared to the bread at Maple Castella, this was TERRIBLE LOL. The bread was really dense, dry, and very unappealing. Warming it up would help though. Andd, there was barely any filling in it! :(
 Curry Bun from Pine House Bakery
1/5 stars
Again, this was a fail. The bun was so dry and dense! The curry filling wasn't good either, the meat was really dry and lacking in flavour. It had more filling than the chicken bun though LOL
Japanese Sponge Cake from T&T
 3/5 stars
  LOL I took the plastic covering off of the cake, and it ruined the top! Texturally on point, but the flavour just wasn't there. It was so lightly sweetened that it was borderline BLAND. It was really moist though, and wasn't dense at all!
Creme Brulee from T&T
2/5 stars
  Wow, what a sad looking version of creme brulee LOL. It was decent though, really smooth and creamy. Weirdly, it was almost the same texture as the cheese cake. The top had been torched which gave it a slight smokey flavour. It was really bland overall though, and not sweet enough for my preference. All I could really pick up was a strong egg flavour.

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