Wu Han Spicy Duck - Crystal Mall

  I've been stuck at home for 3 days because I've been cramming like crazy for my upcoming midterms. Ugh, summer courses are seriously the death of me. Having a midterm 5 classes into the course is NOT cool. I barely got the chance to warm my bum haha!! But thankfully I already know most of the material from other courses I've taken in the past. It's just a matter of drilling the info into my head so I can reproduce it on a test.

  Remind me to never take summer courses again. They're terrible. Everything moves too quickly and you barely have any breathing room (Suck it up Selina!) ;)

 So what have I been feeding myself the past few days? Home cooked meals of course! One of these days I'll make a post about what I eat at home haha! Usually I just cook up some noodles, or boil some dumplings, something quick and easy to satisfy my tummy!! Not going to lie, I kind of like eating at home LOL!! Since I eat out so much there's something comforting about tucking into a home cooked meal. You don't get that same feeling from eating in a restaurant!

  Anyways, the other day (yesterday, or was it the day before? I'm not sure, I'm still in a haze form studying) my mom and I went to Wu Han for some snacks before going to Donair Delight!

  Wu Han has 3 locations, one in Crystal Mall, another in the Richmond Public Market, and they also have a stall in the Richmond Night Market!!

According to this site http://kaleidoscope.cultural-china.com/en/8Kaleidoscope4151.html  Wu Han Duck is the new "thing!" in China!! It's a type of street food that's sold in nighmarkets!!

  I saw them at the Richmond Night Market last year and I really wanted to try them out, and I finally got the chance to a few days ago!!

  Their Burnaby location is located on the outside of Crystal Mall facing Kingsway - beside Sleep Country! The shop is super tiny and you can only get takeout, they don't have tables for you to eat it! So it essentially operates like a street stall haha! Everything was pretty expensive, some of the pieces went for $5 each, but it's cheaper if you buy in bulk!

(Click to Enlarge) Everything goes by piece, not by weight! I thought it was funny how they categorized their dishes into "Best Supporting" and "Cameo Appearance" LOL!!

Duck Neck 
They only do takeout, so they packed up our food in a plastic baggie! :)

3.5/5 stars
  This was actually really good!! But really spicy haha!! It was really flavourful and had that characteristic spice to it. Definitely one of the better duck necks I've had!! The neck meat was tender and it we slid off without any effort!! There was actually quite a bit of meat on the bones, which we were pleased with!

Duck Wing
3.5/5 stars
  This was really yummy as well!! It was a bit different from the duck neck, it was still spicy, but they used different spices- and it was coated with a good amount of it! Pretty good and I would probably have gotten more if we weren't going to dinner after! :D

They have all their goodies displayed in a display case, along with some drinks! :D

Btw: I posted this to their Richmond location because there wasn't a posting on Urbanspoon for their Burnaby location! But maybe I'll add the posting if I have time - so busy studying these days haha!!

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  1. Hey, I was in Vancouver a few weeks back and I tried it; it was amazing. More than the duck meat, the TOFU was so good. I'm back in Toronto and trying to see if there's something similar. Could you please find out what that tofu is and let me know.

    1. Hi Anon!! Hope you had a good trip! The tofu sounds delish! :D

      I called the store and I asked them!! The tofu is stewed, but they don't know the ingredients because they buy their tofu from a supplier, they don't make it :)


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