Basil Leaf 香葉屋 in Aberdeen Centre Food Court

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Pho Special $5.95
I was weary as to how "food court" pho would taste, as I've never had Pho at a food court before. Pho hong on Kingsway is my favourite Pho btw, for $8.50 you get a huge bowl of pho and a side of spring rolls. I'll do a review of Pho Hong in the near future!Anyways, back to Basil Leaf. 
I ordered the the Pho special which was $5.95 before taxes. I was expecting the portion size to be small, but it was actually fairly reasonable! They gave me so much soup the bowl was almost overflowing. There was about 4 pieces of thinly sliced meat,5 pieces of pork balls, and two spongy fish pieces (what are those called in English?!)I ordered it to go since I almost never finish Pho.Now onto the taste: I was pleasantly surprised! The texture of the noodles were just right, not gummy at all, the meat was full of flavour and was cooked perfectly. I was expecting a bland broth but the broth was choke full of flavour and complimented the meat nicely. There was also a "spongy" piece of meat which I suspected to be fish, which was rather bland but the texture was amazingly chewy. I dipped the meat and the noodles in obligatory hoisin sauce, I went back three times for extra hoisin sauce, man I lovee that stuff! The pho was flavourful already but I just like the taste of the sauce

The verdict: I wasn't disappointed  Definitely exceeded my expectations of food court pho. For $5 you definitely get your money's worth! I'll be coming back very soon to Basil Leaf to try other stuff!

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