Bubble Waffle Cafe - Aberdeen Centre

Bubble Waffle is an immensely popular stall in Aberdeen. It's taken me this long to try it because every time I go to Aberdeen I'm so ravenous I can't bear to wait 30 plus mins at Bubble Waffle Cafe so I always end up at some other stall haha. But today, I arrived at 10:30 am, having haven't had any breakfast, and behold, there wasn't a line up!
The most popular option at Bubble Waffle is the Noodle + Waffle Combo. For $7.99, you get your choice of a soup base, noodle, 2 toppings, and a bubble waffle. The bubble waffles are about $3.50 on their own, so this was definitely a great deal!

I went with the satay soup base and thick rice noodles w/ red sausage and beef balls. 

Satay Soup Base and thick rice noodles w/ red Sausage and Beef Balls
4/5 stars
Since Bubble Waffle Cafe specializes in bubble waffles, I wasn't expecting much from their noodle soup. However, I was pleasantly surprised! The soup was incredibly flavourful and was mildly spicy. There was also a substantial amount of cabbage and tofu skin, which soaked up the flavour of the satay sauce very well.

Original Bubble Waffle
4/5 stars
The exterior of the bubble waffles was the perfect median between soft and crispy. The waffle itself had a subtle sweetness and was very fragrant from the egg. For $1, it was hard to complain!
These were crispier than the bubble waffles at Bubble Queen, but much softer than the ones at Your Dessert.

Here's a picture of the sausage and beef balls, since they weren't visible in the previous pictures haha.

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