Only washing my hair at the salon - In my defense?

Bougie? Sue me.
Practical? Hardly.
Time-Efficient? Truly.

Us thick/long-haired girls know...the process of washing one's hair can extend anywhere from an hour - up to two hours. From washing, to deep conditioning, to combing out the tangles, to blow-drying, to styling. An exhaustive process if you ask me.

I had resorted to settling for a beanie or having bed-head on an almost daily basis. The mere thought of having to tackle the daunting task that was washing my hair had me avoiding it altogether.

Not only that, since having my hair dyed...and dyed again, I came to realize that the water in my house is...hard? Masking, toning, treating...all rendered futile with the turn of a faucet. The water in my very old house strips the colour, no matter how good the colour-safe shampoo, into a sad shadow of its former self. You'd think a water filter would solve the problem. One pricey filter later, nope, the issue remained.

Mustering up the ca$h money for a wash pushing $60+ is no easy feat. I have to admit, in between getting my nails done, the lash extensions, and hair washes, I had stretched myself veerrryy thin. Thin to the point of broke, my friends.

I had to compromise somewhere.

The achievable, effort required solution? Pack lunch, dinners at home!

Economical, student-friendly, asian parent approved. "There's rice at home!!!!"

Having my hair washed at the salon:
A. Extends the colour and style (i.e. I don't have to tone/dye as often, thus preventing damage.)
B. Time Efficient (takes around 30 mins; as opposed to me doing it myself, which takes around 1.5-2 hours, given how thick/dense my hair is.)
C. A salon flawless finish every time.
D. No need to buy/own hair products! Sure, I run a serum through my hair every now and then but the need for your own stash? Virtually relinquished! Sorry Sephora.

My go-to spots for a blowout:
1. My hairstylist of choice: @hairbygienny on instagram, with a residency at Blankspace! Hair wizard, cutest human. They also offer the freshest of fades!
2. Drybar (where everything is dripping in a conniving, sunshine yellow.)
3. Blo Blowdry Bar.
4. The Hair Philosopher. As recommended by my friend @tinahuanghuang on instagram!
5. VCC Salon & Spa or Q&A Salon. Both student-run, ridiculously affordable at $8 a wash + style, only caveat is you have to book weeks in advance!

About the Author: Selina Lo, Writer/Editor, is the voice behind Vancity Noms and the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Sojourners: UBC's Undergraduate Journal of Sociology. She also works as an Editor for Ignite Journal: The Undergraduate Journal of Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice, as a Gallery Attendant and Research Assistant (RA) at Hatch Art Gallery, as a Journalist for VO1SS UBC and as a Communications Executive at UBC Art History Students' Association.

She can be reached at @vancitynoms on instagram or



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